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This is shethinker welcoming you all in this journey of words and wisdom. Shethinker is a pen name of the author, and a self proclaimed identity of her subconscious. The sole motive of this blog is to let my words and thoughts fly to the great beyond. Shethinker believes in the idea that “words create wonders” , and therefore all the write ups you will read here will surely make you feel wonderful. You can consider shethinker just as a writer , a voice of subconscious, or a friend.

Hope ( a poem)

So this is a piece I wrote for napowrimo in April, and forgot about until today, when I came across it. And I think it will be a good piece of work to compliment my previous post – a short story .


“happiness is like a shooting star , a dying wish, a quick rainfall and like all those things which come in our lives in an instant and if we are careful enough and know how to grab the opportunity, and how to live in the moment of happiness , there’s nothing better in life than that.” – A story of hope .

Imagine and Believe!

how did it all happen? How did we manage to evolve so vividly? After all, we are the successors of those ignorant creatures only, and we have had this ability of self-transformation, of constant learning from them only. But what was that basic characteristic we all have had since the time of genesis of human beings? That trait which helped us all this while and isn’t available to other organisms is imagination and belief.

“I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.”

anne frank

Let’s interact

One thing I truly encourage is communication. So readers, whatever it is, you can always send in your queries or thoughts via the contact page, which is available in the menu bar. Also, all form of criticism (constructive/destructive) are whole heartedly welcome.

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So keep reading, writing and exploring. Also, if you own a wordpress blog, do give me a follow and I will surely check out your amazing ideas. Looking forward! Have a nice reading.

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