we all have heard about it at least once in our lives. Yes, the theory of relativity, by Albert Einstein, now let’s view it through a fresh perspective.

“A Happy woman is a myth?”

For a long time now there has been a saying that even god can’t tell what goes in a women’s head. What she thinks? What she does? How she is feeling? Nothing can be predicted. and trying to presume that exactly what will make a woman happy is hard as hail. Well, is that really so? Let’s figure out from some examples.

One little incident.

Being a true believer in universe and god, and also considering myself as a strong headed girl, i never took the topic of eve teasing that seriously, i was always too confident about myself. Until that one day, i actually got to face the horrors of this evil thriving around me. That day, that incident changed my concepts of universe, self-defence, independence, strong will, and female intuitions. This incident showed me the true face of my overconfident soul.....(read more)


We always think and worry , if we see any nightmare, we think something bad is going to happen, but do we see the other' way around, the other face of the coin? TAP THE TITLE TO KNOW WHAT ELSE THE NIGHTMARES MIGHT BE TRYING TO TELL YOU .

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