A tiny terrible tale…..

Once upon a time, there was town. It used to be very beautiful, with lush green forests, blue sky, clean water, beautiful birds and insects, lively animals etc. But then the resident of that town started taking everything for granted, they mistook the blessing of god to remain forever. They began over exploiting the resources. As the tide of development came in the town, people of that place became more selfish and greedier. people inculcated evil practices such as stealing, murders, crimes, corruption, rape, discrimination, racism etc. the town got filled with such evil people. They became so selfish that they even neglected the birds and animals, the kindness and care for other creatures, it seemed disappeared from humans. Humanity was no where to be found. The main focus of the residents of the place was self-growth. A large number of industries and factories were running, and many more were being setup, regardless of the lack of area and capacity of atmosphere to hold that much pollution. The lands were getting locked, congested neighbourhoods, afforestation, clouds of dust and smoke floated in the sky, animals lost their homes, water bodies got toxic. But all this wasn’t just a harm that the humans were causing to other creatures or the environment, in fact it was a destruction of the future generation. It was like a pit hole or a Death Valley that the residents were digging for themselves. Although it was not that there was no superior power keeping a check of this reckless behaviour of these humans, the nature and the universe were witnessing everything, and they were even giving warning to these people in form of natural calamities, but they just kept on ignoring and continued their reckless behaviour. Well. This was just one aspect of the ruckus caused by these fellows, because other than the natural destruction they even caused emotional destruction. They became more addicted to the technology, which even though helped them to connect to the world around them, but the familial bonds started loosening, they got engaged in unhealthy lifestyle, unhygienic practices, degraded their immune systems and so on

Several years passed by, nothing was changing, neither the ignorance of people, nor the devastated condition of the nature around them. Then one day, it was found that a very dangerous disease has grappled the town. Humans and animals were getting infected by it. there was an atmosphere of fear and an epidemic like situation arose. No medicine, no science, nothing was able to give any situation. All the residents were being advised to stay indoors, and avoid any physical contact from any other resident. Their houses became their cages, the resources were getting inaccessible, the economic condition of that town was deteriorating. the rich ones were getting poorer and the poor ones were starving to death. There was no place or person which could save them. But there was someone who was benefitting from this, it was the nature. yes! It was as if the universe and the god had blessed the nature. Because for the period, the humans of that town were inside their homes, the factories were shut, the traffic on the roads was minimal, the atmosphere was healing. the skies were safer for birds to fly, the pollution level came down, the water bodies were getting less waste, animals were roaming happily. The nature was healing. But that’s not the only part which was having the benefitting, this epidemic brought a deeper lesson for the humans as well. For while they were locked inside their homes, they learnt the true value of family and togetherness, they recreated their hobbies, they indulged in peaceful and creative activities. They were united against the disease in spirits. Also, while they were nit allowed to meet their friends, it also made them see the value of true friends. They could experience, how long 24hours actually are, the value of time was being learnt rightly. On the above of all this, another thing that they were understanding was importance of health and hygiene. now, they were understanding how important it is to have a sound body, to live longer, and that money will always lose in the battle with life. the value of life, was revived in the hearts and heads of these people. Another aspect which was being cleared was that how much was the authorities and administration were working, their policies and planning skills were being audited during this period.

Now I know after reading so much, it’s quite obvious that what I was actually talking about was covid-19 outbreak. now suppose the above story isn’t about a town, but about many countries all around the world. And instead of a certain town’s atmosphere, its about the health of the whole earth. The whole world is locked down, and whole earth is healing. Despite of the number of humans suffering and the number of humans losing their lives due this pandemic , despite of the financial stress being put upon the countries, when I see it in the light of positivity, I feel it was somewhere needed we humans had become so careless, and selfish that we had completely forgot about the reason we were living. We had forgotten the blessings of nature available to us, we were becoming villains for ourselves and for our future generation but now after facing this serious hazard, I hope humans will get some senses back, and will focus on changing their lifestyles for better good. I hope we will learn the importance of nature, clean air, water and the flora and fauna. I hope we will respect the cleansed earth we will get, and the second chances to life. I hope after sacrificing so many lives, during this pandemic, we will understand the value of life. As many religions and scholars also have been teaching since ages that one should always practice gratefulness and the basic principle of live and let live. Also, as I mentioned above, I hope we will value our relationships, bonds, families, and time more than before. I have this belief that mother nature is indeed angry at us for ill treating her, but being a mother as we call her, she will forgive us, its just a little lesson and a warning for future that we all needed badly.

Lastly and most importantly, stay positive! that’s what makes universe happy.

Yours shethinker.

© 2018 Muskan Sharma | Shethinker
All rights reserved

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  1. akshita1776 says:

    It was my pleasure
    You too have a good day😀


  2. akshita1776 says:

    Great insight!

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    1. Thank u so much for your views. 🙂 Have a great day.

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  3. I can absolutely feel how you tried to depict the entire scenario.

    The world is rebooted right now. And it’s regaining its original form.

    Thanks for sharing this great insight!


  4. sidflynn says:


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