Loving me : conditions apply

Are you ready…

1. To fall for a zombie girl? Maybe! … Maybe what you saw and got attracted to are my leftover glee and exhilaration; The initial spark you saw , maybe was the disappearing light, but all i know is that I’m more dead than the corpse. I might illuminate the surrounding but only to engulf you into my burning flames. I am deception, a death in disguise of life; a menace in guise of protection; a sorrow in cover of felicity. So are you ready to be in love?

2. To accept my flaws, while knowing that I’m more in love with them, than I’ll ever be with you. can you bear the emanating burden of my imperfections which i carry within. Are you ready to share?

3. To keep trying to heal me, when all i want is to get harmed all over again. Are you ready to be persistent?

4. To be my knight in shining armour, when I ain’t no princess. Are you ready to devote?

5. To remain consolidated and mature, when I’ll be a reckless kid. Are you ready to endure?

6. To be full of absoluteness and positivity, when i blow minds with my never ending and frequent gloom. Are you ready ? .

© 2020-21 Muskan Sharma | All rights reserved.

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  1. Graeme Watt says:

    I agree with Johncoyote’s sentiments above … you need “to be the safe place for the person you love”, and that’s not always easy.

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  2. johncoyote says:

    With my old age. I learn. Kindness is the key to love. We must be kind to each other, try to be the safe place for the person you love. And they must be your safe place. Love is making the person you love, smile and laugh daily. Hello dear Poet.

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    1. Hello. And that’s a beautiful thought .

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  3. akshita1776 says:

    I love love love this!

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    1. And thank you so much for this comment ❤️🌼


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