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  1. “Jealousy” out of our own failure and “Jealousy” out of someone’s success are two different things. Human nature is tangled.
    However, the misconception of thinking that he/she is living a better life than me without any obstacle is rubbish!! We don’t know the hurdles unless we live with that person 24*7.

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    1. That’s true. But negative emotions as jealousy, cloud our rational thinking


  2. akshita1776 says:

    I agree through and through

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  3. The concept is quite forbidden by the us!
    When you said that knowingly or unknowingly we wish bad for someone because they are having good or happens good in their lives, so as to they will surely see failure in long term
    But here I wants to add something that, maybe they are enjoying good now because they have already gone through dark chapter of their life so definitely they deserve happiness from now!!
    If we get jealous from their happiness (we are actually feel jealous to people who are succeed in comparison to us) then we will always find ourselves in that position. We will never be happy even for not ourselves!!

    Really well apt, Muskan!!😁😊

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    1. That’s very well put, and yes. I’m glad you could understand the essence of the thought. And by any chance if you think , i would like to clarify I’m NOT justifying any of this behaviour and mindset. Just an observation from my side. And yes your positive take on this is wonderful. Thanks for appreciation.

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      1. Yeah, Maybe you had observe somewhere that kind of Behaviour of someone and that thought stiches you to penned down this, if am not wrong, isn’t it?😅
        Btw I had sent u connection request on LinkedIn,

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