Today, I will cook!

So, firstly I am much grateful for you to be here to read my poetry, I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did while writing it. Also, this is my first time writing this sort of poem, I am not promoting any violence. It’s just a fiction, a pretty dark one I agree! but A FICTION.

TW : Self harm, gore, Uncanny

I am famished;
none of those savoury dishes
of fancy restaurants please me now,
my taste buds have been numb for a while now.
so today I will cook for them,
I will cook some strong aromatic dish, 
with tastes of all kind.
I will give my taste buds 
a trip down the memory lane 
making it experience vivid tastes all at once. 
Though I fear owing to the darkness that surrounds me
the dish might not be a treat for the eyes
but my tongue would know
the flavours and pain I will put in.
I will chop my ring finger off, 
the one which still feels the weight of that man's expectations
I will chop it off, and soak it in some red wine
which is older than my ancestors.
then I will put the soaking fingertips on a medium flame
to burn off the sensation of the lips of my dead lover. 
Now I will squeeze my heart a little
to add a few drops of the betrayal it felt
to enhance the flavour.
After chewing on to the harsh words of my ex,
my taste buds have forgotten
what softness of food is like, how delicate it can be, 
so I will add some bits of my tongue(just the tip) to the dish,
the tongue that couldn't speak for me
when that ungrateful man spat abuses at me
and for when it continued to dance
around his shaft like his slave.
The red wine which I used to soak
my fingertips remind me of my fermented thoughts
and mute opinions, who reside in me
but never surface themselves.
I love the smell of flesh
mixed with aversion and pain, 
This dish will awaken my senses,
and my tongue won't ever be a slave
for any sweet lies again. I will serve this
rejuvenating dish to myself  in a copper bowl,
for copper has purifying qualities,
I need my tongue to feel pure again,
to feel rinsed off the sins it committed
the sin of being a slave to sweet lies of a vile man, for one.

© 2021-22 Muskan Sharma | All rights reserved.

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  1. Your poem manifesto comprises life on every level of love, hurt, and pain comprising ‘whoever’ of surviving and conquering all they have experienced good, bad, evil, not so good and came out on top defeating the darkest hour just before dawn enjoying Sunrises and Sunsets and other beauty and wonders in between!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. johncoyote says:

    I agree dear Muskan. Somehow we must erase the negative words. The people who spoke them. Need to be forgotten. Powerful words and thoughts shared.

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    1. Thank you so much

      Liked by 1 person

      1. johncoyote says:

        You are welcome dear Muskan.


  3. johncoyote says:

    Reblogged this on johncoyote and commented:
    Powerful words shared.

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  4. This was gory yes, but what a gracefully gory poem! *_*

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    1. thank you so very much!!!

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  5. akshita1776 says:

    Ok, this is just WOW! I am speechless!! WOW JUST WOW!

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    1. Thank youu 😄😄❤️❤️


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