Lip reading

Lip reading;
One of those hobbies
I preserved from my childhood.
I try to find the omitted words
and hidden meanings
amidst the moving lips,
I believe when one says 'oh",
the curl of their lips
and that Perfect circle,
holds a lot unsaid words.
And the way lips don't touch
while saying i love you,
just makes them miss
the warmth of a touch.
Perhaps, that is why we kiss,
to give the lips that feeling,
they miss out on.

I read lips
of anyone and everyone,
From the person
throwing abuses at me,
for failing once to cater to his ego
To the ones admiring me,
For keeping hope and strength
alive in the worst of storms.

I read the lips of strangers,
the ones silently reading newspaper
in metro, and read on them
the lines in between,
the lines unprinted,
which tell more truth
than the printed ones.
Also, of those who chatter
loud enough to wake the birds up
from their sweet sleep.

I read the unsaid words
splattered on the lips
of two lovers, and the gibberish
of a toddler. I read the lips
that are more deserted
than Sahara, and I read the ones
drenched in the rain (of nature and eyes).

I read pink lips of a new born,
The way they experience
this new feeling of being human,
the way they embrace
this blessing of language and words.
Their lips are fresh blossomed bud,
in fresh summer rain,
dancing to the sounds
of nature and their mother.

And I also read the lips of corpses,
Which are tired and weak,
and which despite of
a lifetime of speaking
are left with a lot to say,
I read on their desperate(dead) lips,
the words left unsaid,
the words that are keeping
their soul attached to their body
before the last rites,
to have that one chance
to say all the right things,
which they reserved all their life.
And to take back
all the curses they showered on others.

But the only pair of lips
I can't read is the one
I see in the mirror,
the one that trembles
with every drop of salty fluid
falling on them, I can't see
the words they speak,
the words they hide,
the emotions living and dying
on them, with every passing moment.
My lip reading fails me
when it comes to me,
I wish i had someone
who could read me the stories
residing on my lips.

© 2021-22 Muskan Sharma | All rights reserved.

Hello there lovely readers and fellow bloggers. I have been a lot inconsistent in blogging for sometime now, but now I just feel like catching up on all the wonderful pieces of writings from y’all. So if you have recently written something and want me to check it out, drop the links in the comment section. Also, you can drop in links of the blogs that you might want me to check out.

happy reading and do share your views in comment section.

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  1. you have beautifully Penned down the thoughts

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for reading ❤️


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