I am walking through hellfire,
with gusts of flames
hitting my face,
tears soaking my now soft (burnt) skin,
pain and heat rushing beneath my skin.
every step feels harder
than the previous one, and
my courage weakens,
it is a one-way road,
I need to keep walking,
either to complete doom/death
or that sliver of hope
will actually prove to be real
and worth this walk through fire.

Every step I take forward
recoils my strength two steps back,
the ground feels shaky
as if I am walking on gases,
I try to fall, to fall and land anywhere,
somewhere, but she who is clad
in white clothes, of light,
with her hand on my spine,
holding me up doesn’t allow me
to let me fall, to let me give up,
it doesn’t let me stop.

the path ahead
seems endless and worse,
the path behind was long too.
it feels like
I am walking through eternity,
and amidst all this
hopelessness and pain,
I doubt the presence of a
safe place anywhere.
so all the far my eyes can see,
its just destruction,
it makes me give up on any hope
of cool light anywhere,
but I have heard stories, of heaven.
That the moment you enter heaven,
the cool soothing breeze will heal
all your past and present wounds,
it will make you alive again

this resurrection
upon entering heaven
will make you feel like
a newborn again, with happy
smiles from her mother, and
the sweet embrace of their father.
you will heal, you will grow
in that air of peace and love.
and it is there, they say. In heaven.
so this fantasy of heaven,
this hope of it coming into reality
keeps me going, gives me strength
to bear the burns a little more.

after all, the road to heaven
goes through hell,
to get the pleasures of heaven
you must go through
the test of pain and time,
it breaks you, your patience
is brought to exhaustion but
with willpower clad in angelic white
and faith in future will help you go ahead.

© 2021-22 Muskan Sharma | All rights reserved.

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