Red & Blue

the sun heats the Monday coloured soil,
camouflaging itself,
living by the side of the ocean,
it is raining bright hues of red, like fire
to heat up and expose the brown sand
hiding by the shades of blue.
sun wants to heat up the sand
and make it a reflection of its own,
but sand has stolen some colours
from the waves crashing upon it,
for it heard that blue is the colour
of cool, it holds the gaze of passers-by.
blue is the sky, blue is the ocean, and sand
being a victim of the heat was left brown
for all these years, but this time
it has defied the normal,
like everyone else in this century.
it decided to give itself a break
from the usual and monotonous.

after crawling for miles,
under the scorching heat and
on the hard concrete, finally
the little red crab came home,
expecting the usual warmth
and cosiness of soft sand.
it is shocked to see
the hues of blue all around
it wonders what – hit its home,
he feels alien and the disappointment
of walking across two worlds
only to meet the end.
the sand, which used to be cosy brown,
is all unwelcoming of the red crab,
the soothing and comforting
earthy depths, now feel like
a world unknown, poor red crab
met the worst of his imagination.

he feels cheated and snatched off
of the only home he had.
all for the inability of sand
to value its monotone
to see past the hardships
that the sun had put it through.
sand forgot it was a home for
too many tiny creatures, and
the brown colour it had
was not keeping it from
the gaze of passerby, unlike
the blue ocean but instead,
it presented a contrast,
in nature’s beautiful view
sand enhanced the shades of ocean
and the waves crashing were in fact
paying homage, by cooling
the burning sand continuously,
healing it, rejuvenating it.

© 2021-22 Muskan Sharma | All rights reserved.

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