I Fear Love!

I fear love; I am paranoid of that tingling feeling in my gut. the kisses of love, consume me; they eat away my existence scratching the walls of my heart which has already dried up. the soft touches of my lover’s coarse fingertips burn my skin which once felt like warm sunlight. I have always…

Sonography of emptiness

day 2 of national poetry writing month. on a prompt ” sonography of emptiness” by poemsindia.

My Last Poem!

One night while I was Drenching my pillow with tears,My mind was busy, Playing scrabble on its own.It was generating words,Phrases and thoughts From where came my poetry.That day was, menarche of poetess in me.I bleeded verses ofMy aching heart.The first few sets of wordsProved to be my knight.An escapade, I found. Since that day,…

Loving me : conditions apply

Here is a list of potential threats you may face, and adjustments you will have to make, if you ever decide to love me. Loving me is subject to emotional risk, please read the document carefully .