Loving me : conditions apply

Here is a list of potential threats you may face, and adjustments you will have to make, if you ever decide to love me. Loving me is subject to emotional risk, please read the document carefully .

Questions / Introspection

have you ever pondered over these much important questions. Have you ever had this realisation? Read the text in picture to know writer’s thoughts

A Request….

Read me a book which tells me the love story of the ocean and the breeze. Which teaches me to keep the freshness alive in our bond. Which fill me with the hopes of your return when you are gone for long. Which tells me that love needs patience. Read me a book which soothes…

Urbanisation of territories, Deurbanisation of hearts!

“The modern city is probably the most unlovely and artificial site this planet affords. The ultimate solution is to abandon it. We shall solve the city problem by leaving the city” what is it that is compelling me to agree with ford’s statement despite being a city person myself?

Help me out!

Hey there readers, so it’s been almost a year that I started to write on this blog consistently. Now, since it is the beginning of a new year for my blog , I want your honest reviews so that I can plan my blogging content ahead . NOTE : Kindly visit my website to access…


Attachment is a connection between two mortals, two immortals or a mortal and an immortal. As humans, we are not alien from this emotion of being attached to someone or something. We are born connected to our mothers physically and emotionally, and even the science suggests that a baby can sense their mother’s emotions even when they are in the womb, then after coming into this world we get emotionally attached to our parents, we weave our world around the people we love, first, our parents and siblings are the ones we are most attached to, then our friends, followed by our spouse, then our children, and the cycle continues till we die .but