middle aged woman, newly wed couple, an orphan, old aged mother , soldier, etc all these have one trait in common. what and how? read further to know

Oh woman!

An uncommon view on the regulations put upon women by the insecure society –


When I came across the concept of thermodynamics in school, there was this one fact about energy that caught my attention. The first law of thermodynamics says that Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed. It can only be changed from one form to other. Which brought me to this thought that what about humans? What about our energies……


Ego – a small three lettered word, but if it sticks to human soul like a parasite, it sucks away all the kindness, rationality, wisdom and basic empathy, and it becomes quite difficult to get rid of. Ego is a condition in which human soul starts to rot. Let’s see how this emotion comes into existence.


Attachment is a connection between two mortals, two immortals or a mortal and an immortal. As humans, we are not alien from this emotion of being attached to someone or something. We are born connected to our mothers physically and emotionally, and even the science suggests that a baby can sense their mother’s emotions even when they are in the womb, then after coming into this world we get emotionally attached to our parents, we weave our world around the people we love, first, our parents and siblings are the ones we are most attached to, then our friends, followed by our spouse, then our children, and the cycle continues till we die .but

A letter from BRA

Hello there humans! So today, I’m addressing this letter to you, as I would like to share my thoughts with you guys. Firstly, let me brief you about myself. I am your beloved bra…..

My first Disney movie

Fun fact about me, I haven’t watched most of the Disney movies. So today, as I was surfing through the TV channels, I saw that a movie named “Alice through the looking glass “was being telecasted. And immediately, I got as excited as a ten-year-old, here I won’t tell you, what the plot of the movie is. Maybe some of you may have already seen it. So here I’ll discuss the lessons I got from it.

Choose wisely !

Our lives are full of options and our lives are formed by to the choices we make. READ MORE.