The touch….

My mom had always prohibited me from going into the woods after sunset. I wish I had listened to her. READ FULL STORY.

Crime thriller.

the stories drag me in their world to make me feel the emotions and moments much closely [ I just witnessed two brutal deaths in front of me and I don’t even know the reasons for them! ] READ FULL


“happiness is like a shooting star , a dying wish, a quick rainfall and like all those things which come in our lives in an instant and if we are careful enough and know how to grab the opportunity, and how to live in the moment of happiness , there’s nothing better in life than that.” – A story of hope .

A tiny terrible tale…..

Once upon a time there was town, it used to be very beautiful, with lush green forests, blue sky, clean water, beautiful birds and insects, lively animals etc. But then the resident of that town started taking everything for granted, they mistook the blessing of god to remain forever.

One little incident.

Being a true believer in universe and god, and also considering myself as a strong headed girl, i never took the topic of eve teasing that seriously, i was always too confident about myself. Until that one day, i actually got to face the horrors of this evil thriving around me. That day, that incident changed my concepts of universe, self-defence, independence, strong will, and female intuitions. This incident showed me the true face of my overconfident soul…..(read more)