About the admin

A wandering soul, in search of shelter for my overflowing thoughts. A girl by heart, a lady by thoughts, and fire by words. I started writing to heal my burning soul and depressed heart. But soon I realized that writing is a love story, of my soul and my quill which I carry within myself.

A writer in the attic, peeping through slit.

I began writing to ease off the thought clutter in my brain. I wanted to harness the power of my thoughts and words, to ignite hopefulness and calmness in my life. I wanted to give the flow of my overthinking in a positive direction. I truly believe that words have the power that words won’t ever have.

I began by writing short and simple quotes, for initially, it was a bit hard for me to Channel the inner turmoil and skillfully present it on paper. Then I tried to dig deeper into my psyche and began writing poetry and prose. This timeline can be easily seen when you scroll my Instagram feed (bottom to top).

Blogging is a lot new journey for me, on which I have recently embarked on and I look forward to going farther. Recently, my interest in creative writing has seen a surge, and gradually I’m trying out different forms of it. It’s like my soul has finally absorbed the taste and feel of ink and words.

Writing to me is-

  • An escapade from the demons of the world.
  • Bandage to my hurting soul
  • Voice of my subconscious
  • Hugs and kisses from divine
  • A blessing from the universe
  • A ray of hope

Now, let me tell the reason to choose the name (shethinker). Well, when I first began to write on Instagram, I wanted to have a totally different identity than the one I have in the real world. I wanted this writer in me to be filled with hope, love, and happiness. And that’s when out of the blue this name came in my mind, I consider myself a thinker more than a writer. Because I believe the purity and hard work of my thoughts are what fuels my words. And then, the pride and a sense of being blessed that I have for being a girl is the reason why I named my subconscious and my pen – shethinker.