Lip reading

the way lips don’t touch
while saying i love you,
just makes them miss
the warmth of a touch.
Perhaps, that is why we kiss,
to give the lips that feeling,
they miss out on.

Anxiety talking

my limbshave a language of their own,which they speakwhen my mind is filledwith the gusts of untamedforbidden thoughts,and my brain is spirallingIn and out of chaos. My limbs start talking,when my tongue feels paralysedand confused to choose from a plethora of thoughts floatingin the sea of my mind. My fingers start scarping my skin,or they…

Monster under my bed

Tonight, I am going to stay awake,waiting for the monster to wake upwhen everyone else is asleep,somewhere in the mid of the nightor perhaps at the hour right before dawn.Monster? Yes, a monster lives under my bed,the one I have been told stories ofsince childhood, every night it comesto drag me under the bed, in…

Urbanisation of territories, Deurbanisation of hearts!

“The modern city is probably the most unlovely and artificial site this planet affords. The ultimate solution is to abandon it. We shall solve the city problem by leaving the city” what is it that is compelling me to agree with fordโ€™s statement despite being a city person myself?