I Fear Love!

I fear love; I am paranoid of that tingling feeling in my gut. the kisses of love, consume me; they eat away my existence scratching the walls of my heart which has already dried up. the soft touches of my lover’s coarse fingertips burn my skin which once felt like warm sunlight. I have always…

Sonography of emptiness

day 2 of national poetry writing month. on a prompt ” sonography of emptiness” by poemsindia.

Monster under my bed

Tonight, I am going to stay awake,waiting for the monster to wake upwhen everyone else is asleep,somewhere in the mid of the nightor perhaps at the hour right before dawn.Monster? Yes, a monster lives under my bed,the one I have been told stories ofsince childhood, every night it comesto drag me under the bed, in…


A feeling, A memory, A home Twitter of the birds perchingon the Banyan tree in the backyardof my grandma’s house;followed by the sound of thunder,is my first memory of rain. I still remember her sweet voicewith which she welcomed tiny droplets of rain,rejoicing them before they fall on the ground and vanish off. She used…

Ocean within

I have an ocean within me,
A vast space filled with fluid thoughts.
In those thoughts…

A tigress awakens

Woke up to the sound,
Of my own breathing.
The eery sound of the flow
Of blood in my veins.
My feet so cold, and lips much dry
Due to the dreadful feeling
Which is lingering upon me.